Hello World!

I'm Marric_

Detroit-bred Tinkerer Front-End Developer

Who am I?

I’m a Front End Developer with a passion for crafting vibrant, forward-thinking UX, leveraging my background in art and love of all things code. I am a proponent of the “simplicity is genius” design philosophy: What is most important to me is ensuring a design is functional, universally useable and pragmatic as opposed to just being simple.


I started out with acrylic paints and somehow worked my way to Photoshop and a Wacom tablet (a Bamboo I picked up in the far off land of 2008). Suffice to say, I know a great deal about what works aestheticaly and what doesnt. I generally prototype and wireframe by hand, before even one line of code is written.


I am proficient in HTML5, CSS3, javascript (React is my library of choice, but I'm comfortable in pure ES6), C# and Jquery. I can also do a little PHP if the need arises. Its important for me to keep my skills versatile in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Recent Projects

Below is a collection of personal projects that showcases the versatility of my skillset.

Pong (Javascript)

A Pong game using HTML5 Canvas element.

ChatOne (WIP) (React)

A React Chat app that uses the @Pusher Chatkit API

Notepad (React)

A Simple ReactJs exercise.

Painter (React)

A Paint app written in React.

PasswordGen (React)

Password Generator with a provided dictionary of words.

ISBN lookup (WIP) (React)

Retrieves book info via ISBN using Google Books API.

War CardGame (WIP) (React)

War card game with Player vs CPU

Curiousity (React)

Mars Rover code challenge.